Library Fest 2015 -Making Connections

Library Fest 2015-Making Connections 

LibraryFest-final-CMYKWe connect with others through the stories we share; the ones we make together and the ones we tell. These stories can be spoken over a cup of tea, they can be written in books, or passed through generations; eventually turning into myths and folklore.  They can be expressed in a poem, a painting or in a dance. The Library acts as a caretaker for these stories, and through this project we celebrate and share them, in all their forms!

Making Connections is an Arts Council funded initiative that sees the Library service connecting with its communities through creative activities. We kick off with Library Fest, a programme of events for adults, children and families throughout May 2015. Feel inspired, try something new or learn a skill.For all you artists and poets who need to break your creative block Translation games will help you think about the story your work tells in new ways We have musician Jo May, leading family percussion workshops . . . be inspired by music from around the world as you have a go at playing the spoons The fantastic Emma Press is hosting a child’s and an adults poetry reading, bringing some of her favourite poets along to inspire you.  Ever fancied trying printmaking? Local artist Karen Granville-Smith will be giving you a chance to try different printing techniques using old books as inspiration.  Love life drawing or never dared try it before? Come to a class with a twist, hosted by the talented Raven Rougue of Art Macarbe The session will explore myths and legends from Britain, India, Russia and more. Or you can make friendship bracelets, drop in for storytime or just take out a book . . . there’s something for everyone.

You can see more about the project, including dates and time of events at


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