Crime and Cocktails with Sara Sheridan at Woodley Library

Last Tuesday on the 21st April 2015, Woodley Library was graced with the exciting presence of Sara Sheridan, the Scottish historical crime writer for an evening of travelling back into the 1950s, crime and the odd cheeky cocktail.

Ms Sheridan  entertained the crowd with her anecdotes about how she came across the idea for her female detective, Mirabelle Bevan, growing up the only girl with two brothers in Edinburgh and her trips to the library. The self- confessed swot, Ms Sheridan delighted the audience with the tales of all the research she does for her novels, including trips to museums, archives and all the trips for inspiration.

The evening rounded off with a book signing of Ms Sheridan’s three published Mirabelle Bevan Novels, Brighton Belle, London Calling and England Expects. The fourth book in the series, British Bulldog is due out this month!

Hope you enjoy the pictures from our event.

Photos Copyright Stephanie Woods.


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