Art in the Library this May at Woodley and Wokingham Libraries

Woodley’s Art in the Library

photo 4photo 2Throughout May results of a community art project between artist Jacky Oliver and residents of Woodley are on display. The project was part of Library Fest 2014 and encouraged people to think about what they love about their local area. Jacky Oliver ran a day workshop where participants worked on folded accordion books with maps and drawing. This year’s festival sees a number of creative activities throughout May. See what’s on at

Also exhibiting is prophetic artist Helen Wright who lives in and loves Woodley. Her painting has grown to express her faith in God and passion for the community of Woodley and the United Kingdom. Helen works in acrylics, she loves their vibrant colours and is intrigued by their versatility, creating the texture and depth of an oil but the delicate, mysterious and luminous quality of a water colour.

Wokingham’s Art in the Library

IMG_5732Throughout May work will be on display by artist Lynn Aust. Lynn has a passion for art and has had no formal training, therefore holds no rules, boundaries or expectations with the work she produces. She rarely uses a paintbrush and often creates art using her fingers, sponges, rissue paper, plastic bags, cardboard or pieces of wood.  For the finished resuls arcylics, gloss paint, sand and even nail varnish was used.

Texture and movement within natures is shown within my paintings, She paints in all weathers (except rain storms) but the odd spot of rain sometimes conrtibutes with some interesting results.

Lynn Aust can be contacted through Wokingham Library on 0118 978 1368

Art in the library

‘Art in the Library’ gives local artists, art students and craftspeople a platform to exhibit their work and ideas. As most pieces are for sale, it is an ideal opportunity to buy or commission unique, crafted pieces and gifts.

Display your work

For information about exhibiting at Woodley Library, call Laura Doggett on 0118 969 0304.

F or information about exhibiting at Wokingham Library call Heather Dyson on 0118 974 3712.


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