Classics Book Group

1095604_42245648At the Classics Book Group, we enjoy revisiting old favourites and discovering new authors. We’re a very democratic group, compiling the reading list together for up to a year ahead and applying a fairly relaxed definition of what constitutes a ‘classic’.

The programme for the remainder of 2015 includes ‘Cider with Rosie’, ‘Anna Karenina’, ‘The Weather in the Streets’, ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’, ‘The Age of Innocence’ and Edgar Allan Poe’s short stories – all different and all great reads in their own ways. As you can see, we try not to limit ourselves to British classics (‘Madame Bovary’ sparked much debate).

We have been meeting monthly at Wokingham Library for  several years now and engage in a lively exchange of views! I recently found that while my own suggestion of ‘Lucky Jim’, written in the 1950s, still made me laugh out loud, others found it dated and even misogynistic.

Currently, we have nine regular members, all avid readers, who share a wealth of literary knowledge. I always come away from the meetings with recommendations for books to read or film adaptations to watch.

At the risk of sounding exclusive, if you prefer your reading light and frothy, the Classics Book Group is probably not for you. Some of the chosen books do require ‘reading stamina’. But if you would enjoy lively discussion with friendly, like-minded readers, why not find out more by contacting Reader Development Officer Heather Dyson, who so ably keeps us on track? If you do decide to give us a try, a warm welcome awaits. Heather can be contacted on (0118) 9743712 or email For more information about book groups meeting in Wokingham Borough Libraries email or call (0118) 9781368

Margaret Cain, Woodley


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