December Art in the Library at Woodley Library

Throughout December there are two different artists to view at Woodley library. Andrew of acm-art is displaying a selection of paintings and Mandy Dodd is sharing some of her ceramic pieces.


acm art

Born in North London and living most of his life in London near to Epping Forest in London/Essex, the misty and atmospheric views around the forest played an important part in developing Andrews love of art.  He has tried many different arts & crafts and developed an interest in photography, becoming a professional photographer specialising in architectural photography using large format view cameras. Architectural photography gave him a good grounding in perspective and different lighting techniques for surfaces, textures, shadows & highlights, size and scale. These techniques he still uses today and he sees a painting through the eyes of a lens and the passion of an artist.  Andrew has been painting for many years in acrylics and has tried other mediums, but acrylics have a contrast and vibrancy that he prefers. He tends not to paint from photographs, just his imagination and says ‘I have an idea in my head and basically the brush takes me where it wants to. I change the composition and colours as the painting progresses, sometimes ending with a very different painting’.  You can see more of his work at

mandy dodd

Mandy Dodd lives and works from her home studio in the log cabin that used to house her puppetry business. She has a long history in all aspects of art including painting and drawing, making puppets, building props and the design and painting of theatre scenery. She gave this up in part due to the physical limitations of living with Multiple Sclerosis. This change helped her develop into the area of ceramics and she has since found clay to be both an addiction and a therapy .In 2014 she appeared alongside two other enthusiastic potters in the More 4 TV programme Monty Don’s Real Craft. This was filmed in Whichford Pottery with Adam and Jim Keeling acting as mentors. Mandy feels this pivotal experience is responsible for her growth as a ceramic artist, She feels each day is a gift to be filled in some way or other with clay! Mandy’s latest narrative work reflects her love for the English coast and countryside. She carves and alters forms thrown on the wheel and decorates them in a theatrical way using colourful slips and stains with brush and sponge. Her history of puppet building is incorporated in that her animal forms all have their own individual character or a story to tell. You can see more of her work at



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