Kate Greenaway Longlisted Books to explore

We are posting book reviews about all of the long listed books, let us know your thoughts on each of these amazing titles.


Please Mr Panda
illustrated and written by Steve Antony

please mr pandaA witty and stylish lesson that manners will get you EVERYTHING. Even a trayload of doughnuts. The minimalist backgrounds and the monochrome colour palette used on the animals is very clever.  The colourful doughnuts are really enticing to all of the animals and the reader.  The repeated text, enhances these wonderful images.and the way that sometimes only tiny changes to the artwork – a raised eyebrow on the whale for instance – are used to convey different emotions.   This is a brilliant book that children enjoy and delights adults who read it aloud.

Where’s the Elephant?
illustrated and written by Barroux

where elephantIn an almost wordless picture book in which an elephant, a parrot and a snake are nearly hidden in the patterned collage of a dense jungle of orange and green trees. This is a bright and well designed picture book, that encourages children to look out for the creatures within each scene.  But as the trees get fewer, buildings start to encroach and steal the animals’ home.   The touching visual narrative works on two levels, giving parents the opportunity to discuss environmental issues. The story has a beautiful, heart-warming simplicity.




You can borrow these books from our libraries, so check out our catalogue to see if it’s in a library near you: http://bit.ly/1zSCJlf




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