Kate Greenaway Award Longlisted Books

We are posting book reviews about all of the long listed books, let us know your thoughts on each of these amazing titles.

Grandad’s Island illustrated and written by Benji Davies

grandads islandA beautifully realised, delicately handled story about a little boy coming to terms with the loss of his much-loved grandfather.  The illustrations are brightly coloured and full of detail. Children will love spotting the different animals and birds that Syd and Grandad encounter during the journey and on the island. Benji Davies’ illustrations perfectly reflect the changing mood of the boy. From the bright joyfulness of the island, to the dark, stormy waters as the boy sails home alone, each page’s imagery adds layers of  meaning to the simple text.


How the Sun Got to Coco’s House
illustrated and written by Bob Graham

how the sun got to cocos houseAn enchanting story about the sun, and how it makes its journey from the far side of the world to the home of one small girl.

Bob Graham’s use of colour is vital to this narrative which focuses on the movement of the sun.  The use of panelling is very clever with: closed panels focussing the narrative on specific scenes while open panels convey the journey of the sun rays.

The vast landscapes capture the personal warmth felt in homes, between loved ones.  The soft, pastel-hued illustrations really bring the world alive.


You can borrow these books from our libraries, so check out our catalogue to see if it’s in a library near you: http://bit.ly/1zSCJlf


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