Book Groups at Wokingham Borough Libraries

The book group service is a popular service throughout the Borough.  There are many different types of book groups.  Book groups are a brilliant way of meeting new and interesting people, discovering new books and finding the courage to read out of your comfort zone.

Private Book Group

Are you thinking about running your own book group? Or are you already a member of a book group and need copies of books?  Wokingham Libraries can lend your book group a set of books with 15 copies in each set.  We have over 250 titles available to borrow, a list can be found here.  Collections can be picked up from any branch and there is a small annual charge for using this service.  If you would like more information please contact Wokingham Library on (0118) 9781368 or email bookgroups.

Public Book Groups

Branches run monthly book groups for members of the public to join reading a variety of different fiction titles.  There are also specialised groups for Classics readers, people with visual impairments (VIPs), people in their twenties/thirties and Crime/Thriller readers.  All groups are advertised on ourwebsite.


Shared Read Aloud Groups

If you would like to try a different kind of reading experience come along to one of our shared reading aloud groups. These meet either weekly or monthly in selected libraries and also at community venues.

Attending the groups is a great way of getting to know new people, and can also introduce you to new authors and stories that you may not have discovered before.

Attendees do not have to read anything in preparation for the sessions in which we  read aloud a short story, poetry or an excerpt from a novel. People who don’t wish to read themselves are welcome to just come along and listen.

If you  would like to find out more about these groups please call the relevant library.


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