Tall Tales: Sensory Stories to Share

Wokingham Borough Libraries now provide a service which enables learning disability groups and other community settings to borrow Bag Books.the-little-seed-for-flyer
Bag Books are unique, hand-made sensory resources aimed at developing communication skills for people with learning disabilities. Bag Books are aimed at those who may find it difficult to benefit from mainstream books. They are told interactively through voice and emotion rather than words and pictures.
The following bags are available to borrow:
A Little Bit of Magic                           Learning to Fly
Please be Quiet                                    Andre’s Night Out
Sea Rescue                                             Band Rehearsal
The Fairground                                    The Haircut
The Hot Air Balloon                             C. J. The Library Cat
The Little Seed                                      Day at the Seaside
The Match                                              Gran’s Visit
It’s Cold Inside!
To find out more about the service please contact:
Wokingham Library
Denmark Street
Wokingham RG40 2BB
Email : wokingham.library@wokingham.gov.uk
Tel:(0118) 9781368


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