Art in the Library: at Woodley and Wokingham Libraries during January 2017

Woodley Library art exhibits in Januaryimag0304

Janet Bonney (Artist) has always been creative. More recently she has been perfecting the use of watercolour paint to capture colour and atmosphere.

Although she has worked in acrylics she prefers the luminosity of watercolours. Janet really enjoys capturing photographically places she has been and places of interest, then reproducing the image, with some artistic licence, in watercolour.

Woodley Library jewellery exhibits in Januarydredge

Trudy Dredge’s jewellery designs include a healthy mix of vintage finds and contemporary purchases blended to make one off items of jewellery designed to be worn and thoroughly enjoyed. Inspirations for designs come from the natural world, fashion and architecture. But essentially her inspiration comes from the beads and gems themselves.

For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, call Helen Wright on 0118 969 0304.

Wokingham Library art exhibits in January and February

Throughout January and February YPWD (Younger People With Dementia) are displaying their artwork at Wokingham Library. YPWD is a charity whose aim is to provide therapeutic support and respite to those affected by young onset dementia.

We hold daily workshops around activities such as painting and sculpture, walking, katakanuing, cooking, theatre and many other exciting pursuits! In our art groups (one in central Reading and one in the East of Berkshire) we are lucky to have some wonderful artists whose work is presented as part of this exhibition. Please do come and have a look.

To find out about exhibiting at Wokingham Library call on 0118 978 1368.


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