Author visit from Juno Dawson on Thursday May 11 at Wokingham Library

Juno Dawso- Page1

Award winning author Juno Dawson talks about her latest book Margot and Me and her book Mind your head.

At Wokingham Library on Thursday May 11 from 4pm to 5pm

£3 charge, places must be booked by calling Wokingham Library on 0118 978 1368.

Books will be available for purchase, courtesy of Pea Green Boat Books.

Margot and Me  by Juno Dawson

Margot_and_me_04NOVRGB-667x1024Sometimes love has to cross all kinds of barriers. Fliss is on the way to visit her grandmother in Wales – the grandmother who she doesn’t get on with – with her mother who is recuperating from chemotherapy. But her mum is getting better, that’s the main thing, so Fliss can concentrate on being grouchy and not looking forward to meeting her grandmother Margot, who is so cold and always so unforgiving of Fliss’s every mistake. But when the six months is up, Fliss consoles herself, she and her mum will go back to London and back to real life! In the meantime Fliss needs to get used to her new school, not upset the scary girls, and just keep her head down. Then Fliss discovers a diary at the back of her bookcase. It is from the 1940s and is set in World War II, and, Fliss realises, is actually Margot‘s diary from when she was a young woman during the Blitz. .

A perfectly written family drama for teens, Margot and Me explores the developing relationship between a grandmother who is more board room than Battenberg, and her granddaughter, who is just starting to understand that life, and love, is rarely straightforward.

You can borrow Juno’s books from Wokingham Borough Libraries or visit



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