Alternative Therapies and Pamper Evening at Woodley Library, July 17-Therapist profiles for Helen Wright and Catherine Holt

Helen Wright- ArtistSAM_2679

Helen  Wright –A prophetic artist, who lives in and loves Woodley. My painting has grown to express my faith in God and passion for the community of Woodley and the United Kingdom for what it is now and will become.

I will be hosting along with other creatives, a tent of meeting- ‘The Watering Hole’ A place of refreshment, renewal and restoration.
Come and dip your toe in living water and taste and see that the Lord is good… enjoy a glass of spring water and eat honey cakes whilst you listen to heavenly sounds and join in painting for the heart, receive either a blessing, a psalm reading, a chance to book an appointment for a personal life painting by the artist…purchase prints of original paintings…

Catherine Holt- Sound Therapist

catherine holt

For Catherine, getting involved in Therapeutic Sound was a powerful, intuitive ‘from the heart’ decision. Many years ago a friend handed her a leaflet where BAST (The British Academy of Sound Therapy) were advertising an open day. Catherine immediately felt an extremely strong pull and went along. Throughout the day she felt a strong ‘knowing’ that this was the right work for her. It was some years until she began the professional training, but from the first moment she clapped eyes on the words ‘Sound Therapy’ she never doubted her vocation in this work.
As a classically trained musician Catherine had spent a long time searching for a way to bring her musical training and love of the spiritual path together, she has loved every moment of her discovery, training and learning. Catherine’s passion is to bring the essence of this work to people who are in need of relaxation, peace or spiritual growth. During our evening on the 17th Catherine is doing a talk about sound healing and will be doing a relaxing sound bath/ guided meditation.


Woodley Library will host a summer’s evening of alternative therapies and pampering on Monday 17th July. Doors will open at 6.30pm to a packed evening of talks, demonstrations and treatments from a wide range of locally based practitioners and therapists. Tickets are just £3 (available in advance from the library) and the majority of therapists will make no additional charge on the evening (booking essential for some treatments) making this an ideal opportunity to try something new, have your questions answered on a treatment you’ve been thinking about or maybe just having a little “you” time, relaxing with a light refreshment in the courtyard garden.

Please contact Woodley Library on 01189 690304 for full details and to book your place in advance.





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