Summer Reading Challenge – Meet the Animal Agents #2: Bart the bloodhound

Animal Agents is the Summer Reading Challenge theme for 2017 at Wokingham Borough Libraries.  To join just pop into your local Wokingham Borough Library between Saturday 1 July 2017 and Sunday 3 September 2017.   Open to all primary school aged Library members.

Meet the Animal Agents #2: Bart the bloodhound

Meet the Animal Agents #2: Bart the bloodhound image

The Animal Agency is staffed by a whole host of clever creatures, ready to solve all kinds of crimes! Get to know the Animal Agents you’ll find unravelling mysteries in the library this summer.


Meet Bart the bloodhound.

Bart may not be a young pup any more, but his skill for sniffing out clues is as sharp as ever.

When his tail starts to wag, you know Bart is on the trail of something worth investigating!

Bart takes his time to inspect a crime scene and has a talent for noticing things others might miss.



Wokingham Borough Libraries Contact details:

  • Arborfield Pop-Up Library 0780 166 4520
  • Finchampstead Library 0118 908 8176
  • Wargrave Library 0118 940 4656
  • Lower Earley Library 0118 931 2150
  • Winnersh Library 0118 979 7519
  • Maiden Erlegh Library 0118 966 6630
  • Wokingham Library 0118 978 1368
  • Spencers Wood Library 0118 988 4771
  • Woodley Library 0118 969 0304
  • Twyford Library 0118 934 0800


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