Art in the Library at Woodley Library January 2018

Woodley Library January 2018 Exhibits:

 Kai Choi- AGAvA- Aviation Artists


 In recent years Kai Choi may well be known for his violin performances in Woodley Precinct. Kai Choi is a talented violinist who has been part of a string quartet, performing since 1987. Music was a departure from his earlier career as an engineering draughtsman and technical illustrator.

His interest in aviation, from an early age, soon translated into simple plane drawings on all available medium accessible to him.( Even in crayon on walls around the house!) Airfix models inspired his ability for attention to detail and this, as he developed, deepened his interest in aviation and became a career focus for him as an illustrator.

Bringing us up to date, Kai has had a varied and exciting career, even acquiring and restoring a defunct Hawker Hunter as a static educational display, currently part of the new Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Museum.

His two passions continue to be performing music and aviation illustrations. He rejoined the Guild of Aviation and is hoping to produce a steady output of aviation paintings.

The framed prints exhibited here are available for sale. You may request custom size prints from the artist, which would be reflected in the pricing. Some of the originals of the prints showing may also be available. Please contact the artist on contacts above. Kai is also happy to advise if you had a desire for a painting of a certain aircraft.


Charlotte Choi – ceramist

Charlotte trained and worked as a scientific illustrator but in the last two years has been experimenting with stoneware, earthenware and porcelain clays, using different techniques to produce functional but decorative ceramics. This is a selection of her latest work.

She can be contacted by the email address above.


 For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, please contact Helen Wright on (0118) 969 0304 or check out


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