April is Stress Awareness Month-Meditation for managing and reducing stress

Meditation for managing and reducing stress – discover the benefits of mediation and how to incorporate it into your daily life plus a guided meditation

 With Chandrika

 Woodley Library , Thursday 26th April, 7.30pm £3

Meditation is such a valuable tool for managing and reducing stress. Chandrika will be sharing some of the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate mediation into your daily life (without having to spend hours sitting crossed legged!)

Rather than just talking about it she will be taking us through a guided meditation so we can experience the relaxation and calmness  for ourselves 🙂 The aim is for us all to leave feeling relaxed and centred!

Chandrika is a Reiki Healer and Spiritual Coach. She believes in using natural modalities to heal the body and calm the mind and emotions. She has been running Meditation classes in Reading and Woodley since 2016 using her unique methods developed through her own meditation practice over many years. Her classes are held in Woodley on Monday evenings. 

To book a place call Woodley Library on (0118) 9690304





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