Empathy Day – 12 June 2018


Empathy Day on 12 June, uses books to build more understanding between all of us, because reading in itself can make us more empathetic and sharing books can connect us in new ways.

Teachers and parents are becoming increasingly concerned about the potentially empathy draining effect of social media on children and the new pressures caused by societal divisions. To combat this, Empathy Lab (a new organisation creating an empathy, literature and social action programme for 4 to 11 year olds), has produced a book collection to build children’s empathy skills.

Specially selected by experts, it features picture books, powerful stories, poetry and graphic novels. All of the texts offer powerful insights into other people’s feelings and will help young people develop an understanding of a variety of different life experiences and issues that people face. It is hoped they will inspire children to turn feelings of empathy into action – in their homes, schools and communities.

You can download the full list of 30 titles here. The books are available to borrow from Wokingham Borough Libraries via the online catalogue http://www.wokingham.gov.uk/libraries/library-services/search-renew-and-reserve-items/ 

Use these books at home or in the classroom in the run up to Empathy Day on the 12th  June 2018, and way beyond.



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