Hi VIS Fortnight 1 – 14 June


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For our visually impaired readers, Wokingham Libraries can provide access to books, newspapers, magazines, comics and music at home, via our online services.

We have got audiobooks you can download and listen to, available on RB Digital (https://wokingham.rbdigitalglobal.com/), and until the end of July, also on Ulverscroft (https://www.ulibrary.net/register/).

Also on RB Digital, we have ebooks and comics. Once you have downloaded and opened a book, you can make it easier to read by tapping the ‘wheel’ icon at the top left of the screen – this gives you the chance to: change the page layout, including altering the brightness; changing the text settings, including increasing the text size, changing the font and widening the line spacing; and altering the themes, which lets you change the text colour and the background colour to make the text more visible.

For the comics, you can increase the size of the pictures and text by pinching your fingers in the centre of the screen and drawing them outwards across the screen. Also, tapping the screen brings up the option, at the bottom of the screen, to adjust the brightness.

On Pressreader (https://www.wokingham.gov.uk/libraries/library-services/e-magazines/), you can access newspapers and magazines. Again, you can increase the size of the page by pinching your fingers in the centre of the screen, then drawing them outwards – this will increase the size of the text. Or you can listen to the text instead of reading it – tap on the page, then on the 3 dots in the top right of the page, and tap on the ‘Listen’ option from the drop-down list that appears.

We also have Freegal (https://wokingham.freegalmusic.com/), which lets you download or stream music. You can listen for up to 3 hours a day, and download 3 tracks to keep each week. 

When we are able to re-open our libraries, we have stock specifically for visually impaired users. All our libraries hold a selection of large print books, and also spoken word books on CD. Our larger libraries also hold some spoken word books on cassette – these aren’t produced any more, but we’ve kept a collection for people who still prefer them.



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