Making a Collaborated Book- Sunday July 29 at Woodley Library

Making a Collaborated Book

Make a page of a book using collage, stamping and drawing techniques. Plus there will be a chance to have a closer look at some of the handmade work created by Bookface Bookclub, currently on display in the cabinets at Woodley Library.

The collaborated book will be exhibited at our artists book fair at the Rising Sun Arts Centre on October 13 and 14

Woodley Library

Sunday July 29

10.45am to 12.45pm

Free entry, just drop-in

For adults and children over 7, children must be accompanied by an adult

library workshop


Art at Wokingham Library during July and August

Throughout July and August at Wokingham Library photo-realism portrait painting by Chris Esling is on display. Chris is a self taught Portrait Painter and mainly uses Airbrush with Acrylic and Inks on Panel or Canvas. His inspirations come from annual visits to the British Portrait awards at The National Portrait Gallery in London, and artists  ‘Mitch Griffiths’, ‘Chuck Close’, ‘HR Giger’, ’Ron Mueck’,and ‘Jonathan Yeo’.

 You can see more of his work at

For information about exhibiting at Wokingham Library contact the library on (0118) 9781368chris esling (003)

Art Exhibitions at Woodley Library June 2018

Peta Jamieson:- ArtistWoodley Art June 1

I am a part time artist, living in Woodley and find art a fantastic reprieve from the corporate world.

I love the freedom of paint, there is no right or wrong way to use it.

I had not painted for a long time and when we got Archie our Golden Retriever I started sketching again trying to capture him when he was sleeping, and 8 years on I am creating a variety of work mainly abstracts and landscapes.

I am very much a mixed media artist as I love to use whatever is nearby and most of my work is definitely a mix of watercolour and acrylic as I lack the discipline to keep the tubes in separate boxes … If I want a certain colour it really will not matter to me if it is paint, pen or pastel, I just like to have fun with what I do.

Please visit my website above, if you see something there that is not in the exhibition that you would like to see please drop me an email and I can arrange for you to see the work.

Joan Lewis :– Jeweller and ArtistWoodley Art June 2

All my work is hand made in my Reading studio.

I work with sheets of glass, cutting and shaping them before firing in the

kiln. Each piece is unique in design and many have an attractive tactile surface.

I use traditional silversmithing methods to form my jewellery and heavier pieces are hallmarked.

I am happy to accept commissions and can be contacted through my

web site at :-

For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, please contact Helen Wright on (0118) 969 0304 or check out



House Plant Drawing at Wokingham Library- Saturday May 19

Join us for a relaxed drawing session. Sip herbal tea and be inspired to draw by a collection of house plants. The session is untutored but help is on hand if you need inspiration or advice. Materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own.

Wokingham Library Saturday May 19 1.30pm to 3.30pm  £3 charge.

For more information or to book a place call (0118) 9781368


Art in the Library- Trudy Dredge and Paul Bell at Woodley Library May 2018

Trudy DredgeTrudy Dredge : Jeweller

Jewellery has always fascinated me.  As a child nothing was more absorbing than rummaging through my mother’s jewellery box, looking carefully at the colours, shapes and sparkles within. It was a natural progression from gazing at jewellery to making jewellery.

Materials I love to use include glass, gemstones, and more recently, silver.  Indeed, the search for beautiful beads and gorgeous gems is as important to me as the making of the jewellery itself.

Dusty antique emporiums, bead shops and bead fairs, and of course the ever present world of on-line shopping are all tremendous hunting grounds for me.

Designs include a healthy mix of vintage finds and contemporary purchases blended to make one off items of jewellery designed to be worn and thoroughly enjoyed.  Inspirations for designs come from the natural world, fashion and architecture. But essentially my inspiration comes from the beads and gems themselves.


Paul Bell-Artist

 This exhibition is called Apertures, the pieces depict my philosophy on order and chaos. I like to work with precision materials such as pencils or pens, my enjoyment comes from the skill of observation that can be obtained through lines. I build my drawings up by referring parts to each other often starting untraditionally with areas of most extreme detail rather than building detail in after creating a rougher outline.

To say I have been educated in art would be misleading since at school all I wanted in class was a pencil and paper for me to get started. If someone were to tell me what to do or how to do it I would feel constrained. I believe that diversity should be maximised in art.

Please contact me on if you would like to see more of my work or arrange for a portrait of people or animals or an aperture in your unique colour scheme.



For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, please contact Helen Wright on (0118) 969 0304 or check out




Art in the Library: Alison Messias at Wokingham Library in May and June

Alison Messias 2Throughout May and June, Art in the Library at Wokingham Library features landscape and botanical paintings by Alison Messias. Alison studied art at senior school, passing at A level. She continued to draw and paint in oils and watercolour as a hobby. As a volunteer she taught painting at the local hospital day centre at Macmillan house for 15 years. After bringing up her two daughters she became a water colourist , working from home, for a local art publishing company, who printed engravings and etchings from the original plates. Alison is also on the committee of the Wokingham Art society, and has exhibited for many years at their summer exhibitions.

Alison Messias 1

To find out about exhibiting at Wokingham Library call (0118) 9781368

Origami Cranes for National Libraries Week 2017

In October 2017 it was National Libraries Week. Wokingham Library celebrated it by challenging the public to make 1000 origami cranes from old book paper. An ancient Japanese Legend says that whoever folds 1000 paper cranes will be granted happiness and eternal good luck. It took us longer that the week to complete this task and by the start of November we had 1000 cranes displayed at Wokingham Library.

Many people have asked us what we’ve done with all the cranes. After displaying them until the new year we took them down and posted them to Cranes For Cancer in America. They collect cranes and deliver baskets or vases full of cranes to cancer patients.

Thank you for all your help making these cranes.

Watch this space, in June 2018  we will have a new challenge for you!

Origami cranes

Cranes for cancer




Art at Woodley Library-March 2018

Woodley Art March1Kenneth  Johns-Visual Artist

The artist exhibiting this month is Ken Johns. Enjoy dreaming with him at local places on interest. Kenneth has captured the atmosphere of a relaxed summer’s day outing.

Take a stroll with him down by the river; stand and gaze as the boats glide steadily along the Thames. Close your eyes and hear the sound of the water flowing through the weir. Enjoy walking between the quaint Tudor buildings of picturesque Berkshire and imagine popping in for a cream tea in the afternoon. Step into any of his pictures and find yourself relaxing on a summer’s afternoon.

Kenneth can be contacted by email:

Marion Barter: – Crafter

marionlbarter@gmail.comWoodley Art March 2

Marion is a local artist and member of Woodley and Earley Art Group. She is well known for creating pet portraits in Pastel working from photographs. This month she is showing another of her many skills creating felted animals.

Marion is happy to be contacted on the details above if you were interested in having a pet portrait in either pastel or needle felting.

Mandy Dodd: – CeramicistWoodley Art March 3

 Mandy Dodd lives and works from her home studio in the log cabin that used to house her puppetry business. She has a long history in all aspects of art including painting and drawing, making puppets, building props and the design and painting of theatre scenery. She gave this up in part due to the physical limitations of living with Multiple Sclerosis. This change helped her develop into the area of ceramics and she has since found clay to be both an addiction and a therapy. In 2014 she appeared alongside two other enthusiastic potters in the More 4 TV programme Monty Don’s Real Craft. This was filmed in Whichford Pottery with Adam and Jim Keeling acting as mentors. Mandy feels this pivotal experience is responsible for her growth as a ceramic artist, She feels each day is a gift to be filled in some way or other with clay! Mandy’s latest narrative work reflects her love for the English coast and countryside. She carves and alters forms thrown on the wheel and decorates them in a theatrical way using colourful slips and stains with brush and sponge. Her history of puppet building is incorporated in that her animal forms all have their own individual character or a story to tell.

For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, please contact Helen Wright on (0118) 969 0304 or check out


Art in the Library at Woodley Library January 2018

Woodley Library January 2018 Exhibits:

 Kai Choi- AGAvA- Aviation Artists


 In recent years Kai Choi may well be known for his violin performances in Woodley Precinct. Kai Choi is a talented violinist who has been part of a string quartet, performing since 1987. Music was a departure from his earlier career as an engineering draughtsman and technical illustrator.

His interest in aviation, from an early age, soon translated into simple plane drawings on all available medium accessible to him.( Even in crayon on walls around the house!) Airfix models inspired his ability for attention to detail and this, as he developed, deepened his interest in aviation and became a career focus for him as an illustrator.

Bringing us up to date, Kai has had a varied and exciting career, even acquiring and restoring a defunct Hawker Hunter as a static educational display, currently part of the new Brooklands Aircraft Factory and Museum.

His two passions continue to be performing music and aviation illustrations. He rejoined the Guild of Aviation and is hoping to produce a steady output of aviation paintings.

The framed prints exhibited here are available for sale. You may request custom size prints from the artist, which would be reflected in the pricing. Some of the originals of the prints showing may also be available. Please contact the artist on contacts above. Kai is also happy to advise if you had a desire for a painting of a certain aircraft.


Charlotte Choi – ceramist

Charlotte trained and worked as a scientific illustrator but in the last two years has been experimenting with stoneware, earthenware and porcelain clays, using different techniques to produce functional but decorative ceramics. This is a selection of her latest work.

She can be contacted by the email address above.


 For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, please contact Helen Wright on (0118) 969 0304 or check out

Printmaking workshops for adults and children at Wokingham Library, Saturday November 4, 2017

Have fun learning printmaking techniques from artist Karen Greville-Smith using fireworks and Bonfire Night as inspiration. Karen will lead relaxed and fun sessions of printmaking with lots of opportunities to experiment and play with techniques. As well as making printing plates from foam and free hand line monoprinting you will be able to add to your artwork with collage.

All materials are provided

Wokingham Library, Saturday November 4

Workshop for children aged 7 and over – 10am to 12noon, £3charge

Workshop for adults – 1pm to 3pm, £5 charge

To book a place call Wokingham Library on (0118) 978 1368