Art Exhibitions at Woodley Library June 2018

Peta Jamieson:- ArtistWoodley Art June 1

I am a part time artist, living in Woodley and find art a fantastic reprieve from the corporate world.

I love the freedom of paint, there is no right or wrong way to use it.

I had not painted for a long time and when we got Archie our Golden Retriever I started sketching again trying to capture him when he was sleeping, and 8 years on I am creating a variety of work mainly abstracts and landscapes.

I am very much a mixed media artist as I love to use whatever is nearby and most of my work is definitely a mix of watercolour and acrylic as I lack the discipline to keep the tubes in separate boxes … If I want a certain colour it really will not matter to me if it is paint, pen or pastel, I just like to have fun with what I do.

Please visit my website above, if you see something there that is not in the exhibition that you would like to see please drop me an email and I can arrange for you to see the work.

Joan Lewis :– Jeweller and ArtistWoodley Art June 2

All my work is hand made in my Reading studio.

I work with sheets of glass, cutting and shaping them before firing in the

kiln. Each piece is unique in design and many have an attractive tactile surface.

I use traditional silversmithing methods to form my jewellery and heavier pieces are hallmarked.

I am happy to accept commissions and can be contacted through my

web site at :-

For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, please contact Helen Wright on (0118) 969 0304 or check out




Dementia Action Week in Wokingham Libraries May 21-27

Alzheimer's logoIn the UK one person develops dementia every three minutes, yet too many people face it alone. In Dementia Action week, the Alzheimer’s Society is calling on everyone to take action to improve the lives of people affected by Dementia.

In At Wokingham Library at 10.30am on Thursday May 24, Shirley Pearce, BSC (Hons) Occupational Therapy will be giving a talk called Understanding Dementia– and lessening its impact for those who care-in any sense.

This is a FREE presentation but places should be booked by calling (0118) 9781368

Woodley Library is running a number of activities including a Coffee morning on Thursday May 24 10am -12noon to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society. Reminiscence activities will also be available in the library.

There will also be two Dementia Awareness Sessions at Woodley Library where you can find out more about dementia and the ways in which you can help people in the community. These are being held on  Friday 25th May at 12noon and  Thursday May 31 at 6pm.

There will also be a small display with  a representative from The Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK Reading and Home Instead inside Woodley Library on 25th May  10.00 – 14.00 , giving information to users and shoppers.

For more information and bookings call Woodley Library on (0118) 9690304

At Finchampstead Library there are Relaxing Sessions for Adults which people living with dementia and their carers are welcome to attend. People can enjoy some creative colouring or a reminiscence game, browse the beautiful photo books, try a jigsaw puzzle or a game of dominoes in a quiet corner of the library. These sessions are FREE to attend between 10am to 3pm every Wednesday.

Libraries in Wokingham Borough also participate in the Reading Well Books on Prescription scheme for people with Dementia

The 25 titles on the dementia list have been recommended by health experts and people living with dementia.

Visit the Reading Well Agency website for more details.

We also provide ‘forget me not’ collections containing items from social history from the 1940s to the 1970s. Handling the items and discussing them can help trigger memories and spark discussions. Forget me not boxes are available to borrow for a yearly subscription of £29.50 They come in a variety of themes. Read the Forget me not box themes (PDF Document) to find out more.

We also have a reminiscence collection consisting of

  • Memory joggers
  • DVDs
  • Specialised puzzles and quizzes

Contact Woodley Library on 0118 969 0304 for more information.

alzpic 1











Art in the Library- Trudy Dredge and Paul Bell at Woodley Library May 2018

Trudy DredgeTrudy Dredge : Jeweller

Jewellery has always fascinated me.  As a child nothing was more absorbing than rummaging through my mother’s jewellery box, looking carefully at the colours, shapes and sparkles within. It was a natural progression from gazing at jewellery to making jewellery.

Materials I love to use include glass, gemstones, and more recently, silver.  Indeed, the search for beautiful beads and gorgeous gems is as important to me as the making of the jewellery itself.

Dusty antique emporiums, bead shops and bead fairs, and of course the ever present world of on-line shopping are all tremendous hunting grounds for me.

Designs include a healthy mix of vintage finds and contemporary purchases blended to make one off items of jewellery designed to be worn and thoroughly enjoyed.  Inspirations for designs come from the natural world, fashion and architecture. But essentially my inspiration comes from the beads and gems themselves.


Paul Bell-Artist

 This exhibition is called Apertures, the pieces depict my philosophy on order and chaos. I like to work with precision materials such as pencils or pens, my enjoyment comes from the skill of observation that can be obtained through lines. I build my drawings up by referring parts to each other often starting untraditionally with areas of most extreme detail rather than building detail in after creating a rougher outline.

To say I have been educated in art would be misleading since at school all I wanted in class was a pencil and paper for me to get started. If someone were to tell me what to do or how to do it I would feel constrained. I believe that diversity should be maximised in art.

Please contact me on if you would like to see more of my work or arrange for a portrait of people or animals or an aperture in your unique colour scheme.



For more information or to exhibit at Woodley Library, please contact Helen Wright on (0118) 969 0304 or check out




Surviving Wedding Photography-a talk at Wokingham Library, Thursday May 10th

Surviving Wedding Phtography

A Talk with Tony Weston

 Come to our talk about the planning and preparations that go into a professional

photographer’s most stressful job – and what can go wrong!

In addition to his ‘day-job’ as the Purchasing Manager at Waitrose Tony also, for 17 years, had his own photographic business and in that time photographed over 300 weddings.

The presentation details the preparations that went into the photography of every wedding together with some humorous incidents that occurred.

Wokingham Library

Thursday May 10

2pm to 3.30pm

£5 charge





April is Stress Awareness Month-Meditation for managing and reducing stress

Meditation for managing and reducing stress – discover the benefits of mediation and how to incorporate it into your daily life plus a guided meditation

 With Chandrika

 Woodley Library , Thursday 26th April, 7.30pm £3

Meditation is such a valuable tool for managing and reducing stress. Chandrika will be sharing some of the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate mediation into your daily life (without having to spend hours sitting crossed legged!)

Rather than just talking about it she will be taking us through a guided meditation so we can experience the relaxation and calmness  for ourselves 🙂 The aim is for us all to leave feeling relaxed and centred!

Chandrika is a Reiki Healer and Spiritual Coach. She believes in using natural modalities to heal the body and calm the mind and emotions. She has been running Meditation classes in Reading and Woodley since 2016 using her unique methods developed through her own meditation practice over many years. Her classes are held in Woodley on Monday evenings. 

To book a place call Woodley Library on (0118) 9690304




April is Stress Awareness Month in Wokingham Borough Libraries

April is Stress Awareness Month. It has been held every April since 1992. During this 30 day period health care professionals and health promotion experts will join forces to increase public awareness about both the causes and cures for our modern stress epidemic.

Woodley Library is running a number of events this month to help combat stress including, for further information and bookings please call (0118) 9690304

Holistic Therapies and Essential Oils – explore natural and holistic ways to help reduce and manage stress

Hypnotherapy for releasing stress and anxiety

Indian Head Massage –relaxes the upper body, helps dispel stress and relieve tension

Meditation for managing and reducing stress – discover the benefits of mediation and how to incorporate it into your daily life plus a guided meditation

Art in the Afternoon – an afternoon to encourage your creativity and self-expression as a vehicle to reduce stress and promote relaxation

Wokingham Borough Libraries supports the Reading Well Books on Prescription Scheme which helps people manage their well-being using self-help reading. The scheme is endorsed by health professionals.

The books provide helpful information and step-by-step self-help techniques for managing common conditions, including depression and anxiety. The books are available for anyone to borrow from the library, they may have been recommended by a GP, psychological well-being practitioner or another health professional.

Books are free to borrow or they can be reserved. They may also be available in different formats See .The list is due to be updated this Summer

There is also a similar list to support young people called The Reading Well for Young People Scheme. Reading Well for young people recommends expert endorsed books about mental health, providing 13 to 18 year olds with advice and information about issues like anxiety, stress and OCD, and difficult experiences like bullying and exams. More information is available at

Stress Awareness Display

April is Stress Awareness month- Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage –relaxes the upper body, helps dispel stress and relieve tension- with Sonia WaltonHeadmass

Monday 23rd April, from 2pm  at Woodley Library

£5 (20 minute massage)

 “Sonia lives and works in Woodley, She became interested in Indian Head Massage when a friend suggested it may help a close family member who had been diagnosed with acute anxiety, willing to try anything that may alleviate the symptoms she booked herself on a course and found it to be an amazing experience which has started her on a slow but thoroughly enjoyable journey and truly believes that she has found her calling. Sonia qualified in Indian Head Massage over 10 years ago and has recently completed her Level II Reiki.

The aim of Indian Head Massage is to help balance both the mind and body through relaxation, rejuvenation and increased energy levels. It relaxes the upper body, the areas most vulnerable to stress and tension.  A gentle massage to the upper back, shoulders, arms, neck, scalp and face, helps to dispel stress, relieve tension and promote healthy hair and scalp.”

To book a place call Woodley Library on (0118) 9690304



April is Stress Awareness Month-Art in the Afternoon at Woodley Library

Art in the Afternoon

An afternoon to encourage your creativity as a tool to reduce stress and promote relaxation

Monday 30th April, 2 – 4pm

 The benefits of art as a tool for stress relief are well documented, even for those who don’t consider themselves to be artistically inclined. It is said that expressing your creative side can act as a distraction from stressful thoughts and anxieties as well as the chance to get into a state of “flow” – being completely engaged in something to the point of being in a near-meditative state. Simply allowing yourself some “down time” and self-care can give you the feeling of more balance in your lifestyle.

 This afternoon will give you the opportunity to express your creative side with pencils, paint and paper in a calm and friendly atmosphere. No experience is required and artistic guidance will be available; all materials will be provided (plus tea and biscuits) but please feel free to bring along your own

 Free to attend but places must be booked.

Contact Woodley Library on 01189 690304

Art in the Afternoon

April is Stress Awareness Month- Hypnotherapy for reducing stress and anxiety

Hypnotherapy for releasing stress and anxiety-with Louisa ChipperfieldLouisa Chipperfield - pic

Woodley Library

Thursday 19th April, 7.30pm- Free Taster Session

 Hypnotherapy is a natural state of calm relaxation, encouraging the subconscious to be focused and attentive. Under gentle hypnosis, causes of stress and anxiety can be identified and calmly released, making way for a confident, positive mindset going forward. Louisa Chipperfield is a local Hypnotherapist and will lead a pleasant guided visualisation using classic hypnotherapy techniques for stress and anxiety management. You will leave feeling calmer, more in control, and with techniques to reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life.

To book a place call Woodley Library on (0118) 9690304